What are the kinds of food?


Almost all that we eat originates from plants, creatures, winged creatures, fish and other ocean animals like shellfish. We can eat the eatable pieces of numerous plants like roots and leaves just as things plants produce like products of the soil. We can eat different pieces of creatures just as things creatures produce like milk. In numerous pieces of the world individuals additionally eat creepy crawlies and things they produce like nectar.

Prior to the improvement of horticulture, individuals got nourishment from the plants and creatures in their general surroundings. They uncovered roots, accumulated foods grown from the ground, chased and caught creatures and winged animals and utilized lances and nets to get fish. They gathered shellfish and other fish just as bugs and fowl eggs, and in numerous pieces of the world individuals still do every one of these things.

Around ten thousand years prior horticulture started to create when individuals in the Middle East, Asia and South America started developing plants and training creatures and winged creatures. They developed grasses that delivered grains like rice and wheat, and developed plants that created vegetables, nuts and beans. They likewise developed natural product trees and kept poultry for meat and eggs and raised creatures for meat and milk, and around 8,000 years back individuals additionally started making dairy nourishments like cheddar and yogurt from sheep and goat milk.

As horticulture created, ranchers started delivering an ever increasing number of various kinds of nourishment, and now we see an enormous scope of food sources in grocery stores. Discover considerably more pretty much every one of these sorts of nourishment by investigating the pages beneath:


Organic products

Grains, Beans and Nuts

Meat and Poultry

Fish and Seafood

Dairy Foods

Kinds of Food Quiz

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