How to avoid hair fall


How to avoid hair fall Hair is one of the attractions of human beauty. However, the problem of hair loss has become a major concern at present. Many have suffered from this problem. For those who are worried about this problem, there is a domestic solution. Following the rules of the house will reduce your hair fall a lot.

How to avoid hair fall

Hot oil massage at the base of the hair:
Hot oil is very useful for hair. In this case there is no coconut and almond oil pair. After heating the oil, gently massage the scalp with your finger. This massage increases blood flow to the base of the hair, increases the strength of the roots and prevents hair fall.(natural ways to prevent hair fall )

Onion juice

Onions contain high levels of sulfur. Onion juice also helps to stop the hair from growing new hair on the head. Increases blood circulation to the skin of the head and helps to keep its antibacterial material sterile.

Green tea
Green tea contains anti-oxidants. Which helps prevent hair growth and growth. Mix two bags of tea in one cup of hot water. Apply it on the head while it is warm. After an hour wash the hair.( diseases that cause hair loss )

Indian Gooseberry
Vitamin C deficiency is the main reason for hair fall. Amlaki contains a lot of vitamin C. Amalkee haircut, removes hair dryness. The juice of amalgam mixed with coconut oil is beneficial for applying hair to the roots.

neem leaf

Nimpataka is called the medicine of all diseases. Likewise, there is no pair of nympatas to stop the hair and grow new hair. After 5 minutes of applying neem leaves in hot water, apply shampoo and wash with shampoo. Within two weeks you will notice that your hair fall has decreased in many areas.

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